DEKO Professional innovates in the Floors category and launches a new range of epoxy and polyurethane products, adapted to the Romanian market.

Of all the major domestic manufacturers of decorative materials, Policolor is the only company that produces floors and innovates in the segment of epoxy and polyurethane products.

The transparent two-component epoxy self-leveling floor is based on low-viscosity epoxy resin solvent free. It is used in the field of civil and industrial constructions, especially in the realization of transparent epoxy interior self-leveling floors, with pleasant aesthetic appearance, with high resistance to wearing and chemical environments (eg. hospitals, laboratories, warehouses, kitchens, schools, exhibitions, shops, garages). It can be used in the system with DEKO Creative Effect. It is used to make decorative and 3D drawings.

Decorative epoxy floors have the same technical characteristics as normal epoxy floors and therefore the same advantages. In addition, they give a superior aesthetic aspect, being an alternative for replacing the tiles or the parquet. Besides the decorative role, this floor is also a good hydro-insulating product. For this reason, the first options taken into account for finishing the floors are the kitchens, bathrooms, hallways.

The two-component epoxy self-leveling floor has for use offices, medical offices, garages, showrooms and industrial halls subject to heavy traffic. The list of benefits includes the appearance of “mirror”, excellent adhesion to concrete, high resistance to wearing, salts, alkaline corrosion, splashes of oil, gasoline, oils, detergents, juices, wine etc. The products are used exclusively together, by mixing the hardener with the resin. The consumption is 1.5 kg / sqm / layer 1 mm thick and the application is made in a layer of 1.5-3 mm.

Policolor offer is completed by the three-component epoxy self-leveling floor for industrial halls exposed to heavy traffic and by the epoxy self-leveling floor with anti-slip effect for halls with medium traffic.

Newly launched in DEKO Floors range is DEKO E3101 system with silver ions, microbial protection, system approved by the Ministry of Health and DEKO LP 3111 two-component matte polyurethane sealant, used as a protective layer against scratches and UV rays for epoxy floors.