Policolor, Romanian manufacturer of varnishes and paints, introduced in the home & deco market DEKO Professional mosquito repellent powder, a product for ceilings with insecticidal action to control mosquitoes. The product is approved by the Ministry of Health.

This powder is the result of a powder mixture with encapsulated biocides which, in combination with water, becomes an emulsion, is easy to apply and dries quickly. The encapsulated biocides form a film that fights mosquitoes or other flying insects, they are released gradually, the effectiveness time being two years. In addition, the product forms a film of high permeability to water vapor, thus eliminating the danger of condensation and moisture formation.

“This unique product is specially designed to instantly annihilate mosquitoes, is applied once every two years on the ceiling and is not dangerous for pets,” said Camelia Dragomirescu, Policolor marketing director.

It is the alternative and long-lasting solution, compared to sprays, anti-mosquito devices for plugging or unsightly window mesh, which cannot always be used. DEKO Anti-mosquito powder for ceilings is indicated to be used for homes in areas with static water accumulations, respectively in areas with lakes, swamps or deltas. It is available in 1.5 kg packages, resulting in 2.1 l of paint.

The powder is used only in a mixture with water, in a ratio of 1: 1 (1.5 liters of water for a bucket with 1.5 kg of powder), being mixed with the drill mixer. The liquid obtained can be used in a maximum of 30 days and the surface on which it is applied must be perfectly dry, clean of any impurities or non-stick portions and free of mold.

The product is available nationwide in Dedeman stores.