The children scribble on the walls? It can be a good thing. This is because part of a wall can be easily transformed into a blackboard, which can be cleaned with a wet sponge.

It is just one of the situations for which Policolor introduced in its portfolio DEKO Creative Effect, the painting with blackboard effect, 100% acrylic.

The product can be used to turn any interior wall surface into a blackboard, resistant to chalk writing and repeated wiping with a wet sponge.

“We introduced this product in our range to support the current trend in interior design, in which the living space becomes a means of communication. DEKO Professional Creative Effect, the blackboard effect paint is very popular in the horeca area (hotels, restaurants, catering), but also by home users, either parents who want to stimulate children’s creativity, or young people who want to turn their walls into creative communication spaces”, says Camelia Dragomirescu, Policolor marketing director.

Good coverage, including on already colored walls

The most frequent use of the product is in children’s rooms, in order to stimulate the little ones to free their imagination through drawings that can be erased later only with a damp sponge.
The product may have other uses. For example, in the kitchen, the wall on which the chalk paint was applied can be a support for those who cook, by displaying recipes before starting to prepare food.

The product has a very good coverage, including on already colored walls and can be applied with a brush or roller. The characteristic elements for DEKO Professional Creative Effect are: the washing resistance, the easy applicability, the very good adhesion to the support, the coverage power and the resistance to scratches.

The paint is available in a ready-colored, black version and is packed in 1.25 L buckets. With a bucket you can cover about 5 sqm of wall, in two layers.